Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Front or Back ?!?

When I bought this at UO in store on the sale rack, I thought the V was in the front and was telling myself that I'll wear a cami underneath and it'll be great for work.... then went I was browsing their website at home, I realise that the V is suppose to be at the back. LOL ! Love it even more... these days I'll wear the V at the front for work and V at back when I go out...
(sorry, it was raining like hell outside and was so tired after work.. so just took a quick pic)
As you may already know, I fell in love anything flower this summer... here's another prof, look at a close up of the dress... and have been loving purple too, purple dress,purple eyeshadow.....

Saw this super platform Mary-Janes on f21 while browsing online a month ago and bought it right away... love the super high chunky heels, just remind me of the Jeffrey Campbell Mary Jane that's 5 times the price. It just make your legs extra super slim long =D


  1. My Fav color is still the old black n grey =P

    then you should try mixing Fushia and dark purple eyeshadow.... apart from my old Black eyeliner look, it's my favorite right now (^_^)