Friday, August 12, 2011

This is not my kind of dress (>_<)

Just can't resist this ladylike dress and bought it on impulse but really it's not very much my style =P  
It was definitely great for a night out but I prefer a fuller skirts which flatters my figure better, so I think wearing it once may just be enough

For many this is a very classic piece that you could wear for many years to come

Outfit Details: 
Dress - H&M; Bag - Vintage Chanel; Shoe - BCBG


  1. I love the dress and I love the dress on you. You should wear it more than once. oh and I am a girl...not trying to hit on you or I do love the dress though, but then again, I am a girly girl!

  2. Thanks, I know it looks just doesn't feel right, doesn't feel like me and sort of feel uncomfortable in it (>_<)